In addressing current challenges like high reliability, average of 12hrs of dependence on DG Systems, Space constrains in existing shelters, long life, and higher charge efficiency for energy backup solutions with Wireless and Telecom Carriers in India, mPraxis and Deeya Energy a technology start-up from Silicon Valley California, introduces L-Cell based on its proprietary patented technology.

Deeya L-Cells are suitable and economic replacements for Lead-Acid batteries and diesel generators for applications requiring 2-50kVA of power and 4-24 hours of backup. The life time of a Deeya L-Cell is 7 years, after which it can be refurbished with minimal cost to run for another 7 years, ad infinitum. The L-Cells require minimal or no maintenance during this period. They are temperature independent and can be placed in an outside environment. Most importantly, they can be charged very fast. A 4-hour system can be charged in about 2 hours. The system truly represents a Clean Energy Technology, with no poisonous or expensive metals or fume release.

Deeya L-Cells are effectively 3 times cheaper than Lead-Acid batteries, and 10-20 times cheaper than NiMH, Li-Ion and Fuel Cell options.

Some of the assurances Deeya brings in are
  • reduced life cycle cost
  • reliable and scalable
  • low maintenance
  • no sedimentation or corrosion
  • tolerate high temperatures
  • modular and expansion at 30 % cheaper cost
  • remote monitoring and periodic health status checks
  • Built in Rectifier and electronics
  • business models to fit in lowering the carriers Capex
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