Today every Cellular service provider at an average own/rent/lease/share 30,000 cell sites approximately all over India. There are 7 major Cellular service providers having approximately 200,000 sites. These service providers are faced with various complex and time reducing issues with respect to Planning, Managing and deploying the infrastructure and assets.

To ease certain issues in these workflow and providing remote updates, remote access, real time updates with quick approval process, we have designed a Mashup Application called Cellular Site Information Portal Solution (CSIP Solution). We feel this portal solution is going to resolve the problems and reduce the retrieval time and also provide the required reliable information at one location with a user Friendly rich content presentation.

Dashboard representation for Key Business cases
  • Site O&M Status tracking, Alarm tracking, Report updates
  • Site Audits- Remote Photos, Audit Reports update
  • Managers View online reports, online approval of reports, Online view of Site details, Technician visit details, Site inventory list, Online Site Documentation
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