Our BTS/Radio enclosure solutions in JV with Purcell Systems Inc USA, for wireless service providers offer incredible deployment flexibility and cost savings by allowing the operator to deploy indoor OEM radio systems in an outdoor environment without the need for shelter deployment. A small enclosure footprint, advanced equipment cooling technology, durable construction, and cable management convenience offer carriers the ideal equipment deployment scenario. BTS/Radio solutions for multiple OEM radio products, technology platforms (GSM, UMTS, etc.,) and currently-deployed equipment types. Also available is power support and battery/auxiliary enclosures, BTS/Radio cabinets can be deployed as additional site support for an existing enclosure platform, or with other cabinets for a streamlined, site-ready solution.

  • Indoor BTS/radio equipment deployed outdoors
  • Multiple technology platform solutions
  • Multiple OEM product applications
  • Deploy multiple technology platforms and OEM applications in the same cabinet lineup
  • Augment existing cabinet deployments
  • Augment existing shelter deployments
  • Advanced cooling technology for BTS/radio equipment
  • Interchangeable options
  • Pay-as-you-grow site architecture
  • Climate control options
  • RF top cable management
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