We Install, Integerate, Commission and Test various equipments at site such as,

  • BTS, Note B, RAN
  • BSC
  • MSC
  • Microwave
  • Optical Systmes
Other services such as
  • New Sites & Expansion (Radio/2nd Cabinet)/Channel Add/Removal GSM BTS's Data Translations for TDMA & GSM technologies.
  • Rehome cell sites GSM & TDMA.
  • Preparation, loading & call testing GSM BTS'
  • Re-allocation of E911 Timeslot GSM & TDMA systems.
  • Preparation & loading of GSM BTS Edge DT's BSC Switches.
  • Loading SMPC's Traffic data translations into the BSC Switches.
  • General Traffic Assistance, General Data Translation support.
  • WiFi/Wimax Equipment installation and comssioning.
We have trained manpower on Alctel, Lucent, Ericssion, Nokia and Nortel.
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