mPraxis can take the responsibility of negotiation and execution of lease agreements for cell sites, including Site Zoning, finding suitable site candidates, preparing necessary preliminary and final site documentation, Initial Site surveys, liaison with other site development disciplines, negotiating the terms of the standard lease or option agreement with property owner and CAD engineering. Our services includes
  1. Site Leasing: Own, Build and Lease
  2. Site Acquisition Services
We have a documentation solution for digitally storing and retrieving this whole package on a web based platform.

The site design documentation would consist of general specifications for the following:
  • Product Characteristics: Gives the data about the optimal requirement of the Network elements.
  • Application Details: Gives the optimum use of the equipment.
  • Installation Guidelines: Gives the architecture of the site and guidelines to the proper location of the equipment.
  • Maintenance Guidelines: Gives the guideline for the effective maintenance of the equipment with minimum downtime
Site-specific data document would include the following:
  • Tower Foundation / Shelter Foundation Analysis and Design
  • Ground Pit / Spikes / Conductor Locations
  • Power Cable Routing
  • Equipment layout design inside the site
  • Asst. Records such as Test Certificates, Warranty Certificates, Seral Number.
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